• Jo Thompson

The colour of magic

For years, I have been putting colour collections of bulbs together. For clients, for family, for friends, and of course for myself. For me, the challenge is in getting the mood 'just so' in every garden, and the fabulous thing about bulbs is that they allow me to change it up and around each year, creating, through the use of colour, different atmospheres and moods according to what I feel like creating, what the garden owner feels like having.

We know through centuries of colour theory from Newton to Goethe, through to colour psychology being studied and applied right now, that colour does things. It makes us feel a certain way. For many of us each colour is invested with a feeling, and for me this mood can turn on a sixpence depending on who the neighbours are. Take Tulip 'Belle Époque' in this photo as an example. A tulip which has become a classic in her strangeness, her cream cappuccino shades and tones, looking very 21st century against Brown Sugar. (Orange? Caramel? Brown? Whichever light you see Brown Sugar in, she'd be at home in a Ralph Lauren-decorated chalet, I feel). Belle Époque has become a classic, so tasteful and just so elegant. We won't ever reach Peak Époque, I feel. She's too good for that.

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